Alice Eduardo: A Woman of Steel

If there’s one fitting title for Alice Eduardo—the President and CEO of Sta. Elena Construction and Development—that would be Woman of Steel. Making a mark for herself since 1995, she led her construction firm, now an AAA and Large B company which means it has a capitalization of at least Php300 million and qualifies to bid for any billion-peso project, to what it is today.

In an industry dominated by male, how one will stand out? Alice Eduardo, our country’s construction magnate, knows the answer.

Proving how trivial gender is as she embarked on providing quality service. She and her team met standards and even beat project deadlines, and thus earned the trust of Sta. Elena’s clients. True enough, her company lives up to its slogan, going beyond structural integrity.

A dream that was put to a halt

Alice Eduardo had always wanted to be an engineer. She grew up with an intense fascination on how roads, bridges and buildings are built; how strong foundations are built, and how these man-made structures can help the people in their daily lives. She wanted to be a part of all the processes.

Her dream of becoming an engineer was overthrown by the wish of her parents, particularly her mother, for her to become a doctor or nurse. As a compromise, she took up a management degree.

Alice Eduardo’s family is no stranger to businesses. Growing up, her family juggles rice milling and trading and garments export businesses in Nueva Ecija. Before starting her own construction company, she handled the latter along with her sister, Small. From here, she has been exposed to and learned the ups and downs, the ins and outs of doing business.

Managing the family business paved the way for this mompreneur to start her journey in the construction industry, with her own construction company.