Entrepreneurs are the busiest people you’ll ever meet. They work most hours of the day, finishing tasks under stressful conditions while not giving enough attention to one’s wellbeing.

And we all know what happens with a stressed state of mind. Other than resulting to a burnout, inspiration becomes more elusive, and a chase inevitably becomes useless.

While inspiration is everywhere, it needs to be articulated first before we—entrepreneurs or not—could make sense of it. Such inspiration may come from looking at the most successful businesses out there and listening to what the owners have to say.

This applies in particular for those startups that must look up to companies that provide innovative products, quality services, or both.

You need not look far, though. Alice Eduardo can be that person.

One may ask: who is Alice Eduardo?

A dynamic innovator who virtually built the foundation of Manila’s Entertainment City, Alice Eduardo is the President and CEO of Sta. Elena Construction and Development. Hence, she earned the sobriquet Woman of Steel.

Currently, she is firing up the country through the spontaneous development of power plants in various strategic areas in the Philippines.

Alice is also a staunch supporter of the Filipino entrepreneurial spirit. She’s a mentor and Filipina Summit at Go Nesgosyo.

Alice is also one of PeopleAsia’s People of the Year 2017 awardees. Recently, she was honored as one of Forbes Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy 2018.

Read on and be inspired from these quotes from Alice Eduardo!

On what matters most when doing business

“Work in areas where it makes economic sense.”

“In modern times, passion and hard work are essential, and there is no substitute for them.”

“I delivered!”

On humility despite her success in a male-dominated industry

“One simple growth strategy is to maintain the quality, competence, and pricing that keep us the construction firm of choice.”

Big dreams, passion, and competence have nothing to do with gender.

And the foundation of her success doesn’t only revolve around steel.

On passion and integrity

“Passion and personal approach was and is the best marketing for me.”

“It is hard work and passion for what I am doing and being honorable.”

“I really love what I’m doing!”

On what makes her heart sing

“If I can save a soul and make people happy, I feel super happy.”

“When I am happy, I go to the construction site. When I need to be recharged, I go to the construction site. When I am sad, I also go to the construction site, and then I feel good again.”

Most heartfelt advice to young entrepreneurs

“Success knows no gender.”

“In difficult times, keep your eye on the goal, remembering that ‘this too shall pass.’ Learn lessons well; hardship is the greatest teacher.”

“As they say, you only learn when you listen, not when you speak.”

Bottom-line, we can all learn a thing or two from the most successful people we know today. One of these people who breathe and live success in every sense of the word is Alice Eduardo.